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1 - 2 days
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Training Description

The theoretical basics of Scrum or agility in general can easily be acquired in various courses and certifications. An agile mindset and the corresponding implementation in practice are also crucial. This training helps participants to better understand the meaning of the individual methods. We will experience together what it means to work really agile and not to plan the whole day in detail first. In addition, the workshop promotes through intensive teamwork. In this respect, the training is also ideal as a team building event for colleagues who collaborate in an agile context.

• I would like to gain practical experience about this knowledge with a deeper understanding in everyday work.
• I want to see how my team grows together in a short time period.
• Programming skills are not required.

• With the help of the “Sphero” ball robot, the training group will develop a jointly defined MVP (minimal viable Product) with maximum value within two days.
• Run through sprints with the usual Scrum Events and Artifacts.
• Self-organized building of the team and jointly solving the problem in several iterations.
• Reflection of the course of the day and the explicit and implicit applied agile methods.


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Our Trainers

Eva Stollsteimer
Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Christian Kolbe
Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Jakob Mayr
Solution Architect / Scrum Master

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