We live what we teach

We work as agilists in different roles. We build digital products in agile teams and cultivate agile practices like pair programming, mob programming and test driven development.

We love to share our insights from many years of experience combined with our theoretical knowledge with you.We know the agile software industry very well and are familiar with agile teams that work together with customers to build great digital products. Have a look at our portfolio on comsystoreply.com.

We are digital and remote natives

Screenshot from a Miro Board

We work from home or from our offices. We work in international distributed product teams, that collaborate remotely every day. This means that we have selected the digital tools that ensure the best possible digital experience.

Our preferred remote training tools are:

  • video + audio conference: Zoom (preferred), Microsoft Teams, Gather.town
  • digital white board: Miro

We use these tools to create interactive and collaborative sessions. We avoid PowerPoint presentations. We love collaborative learning.

And we love to play games and simulations. They are learning boosters. Real agile in action.

Sometimes we like to mix digital and analog methods for slow learning. Our trainers will use pen and paper to draw complex diagrams live. It is the best of both worlds. Our participants love it.

2 trainers for a small group of participants

Every training is facilitated by 2 experienced trainers. It ensures the best learning support for groups with a maximum of  12 participants.

Our trainers have diverse backgrounds and work in different roles, domains, and team setups so we can offer you a wide range of experiences and opinions.

We often split the group into smaller subgroups. It intensifies the learning journey. Liberating structure are our foundation for impactful group collaboration.