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Scrum Master Training Flyer

Short overview of the Scrum Master Certification training for PSM1 (Professional Scrum Master 1)


Product Owner Training Flyer

Short overview of the Product Owner Certification training for PSPO1 (Professional Scrum Product Owner 1)


FAQ Scrum Trainings

Frequently Asked Questions from our Scrum Trainings


Agile Incubator by Comsysto Reply

Ein vermarktbares Produkt mit funktionierendem Geschäftsmodell – an echten Zielkunden getestet. Die Mitarbeiter verfügen über Kenntnisse und praktische Erfahrungen im agilen Vorgehen. Kulturwandel in der Organisation zu agilem Vorgehen.


Useful Links

One important part of our trainings is to get certified by Here are some links to prepare for the exams.

Retrospectives are an important event in the Scrum Sprint. Get inspired to create great Retrospectives.

Scrum works. A huge amount of use case studies and statistics were made to prove it.
Literature, that is worth to read it

Some interesting articles that criticise Scrum. In our opinion they describe more what happens when Scrum is not applied in the right way. Give us a call to discuss them.

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