PAL 1 is a global certification by that assesses leadership skills via an online exam. Most important exam topics include understanding and applying the Scrum Framework, Developing people and teams, managing products with agility, developing and delivering products professionally and evolving the agile organization.

The Professional Agile Leadership™ (PAL I) certification validates that you are a leader who understands the value Agile can bring to a business and how to actively practice Agile. This certification demonstrates why leadership support of agile teams is essential to achieving organizational agility and what leaders can do to support their teams to help them achieve higher performance.

As part of our Agile leadership trainings, we provide each participant with a voucher to take the online PAL1 exam. This voucher enables participants to take the exam at their convenience and from any location. By using this voucher, participants can save the cost and time of scheduling the exam on their own.

Our experienced trainers provide participants with a detailed understanding of the PAL1 exam structure, format, and content, as well as tips on how to pass the exam. By participating in our trainings, individuals can improve their chances of passing the exam and becoming a certified PAL1 professional.

Our training is the perfect preparation for obtaining this certificate. Book our training now to enhance your chances of success.

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