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1 day
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Training Description

Within our hands-on workshop we will talk, learn and discuss about

  • the reason-why we estimate,
  • good and bad examples of estimations,
  • methods of estimations on different detail levels,
  • release Planning & Stakeholder Management

while doing some helpful exercises to train the things you've learned during our workshop.

Training dates

Actually there are no open training dates available. Please contact us for individual training dates.

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Amir Sabanovic
DevOps Engineer / Scrum Master
Eva Roling
Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Marco Diekmann
Agile Coach / Scrum Master
Marija Malkoc Kust
Agile Trainer / Scrum Master
Jakob Mayr
Solution Architect / Scrum Master
Christian Kolbe
Agile Coach / Scrum Master

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